Now Is The Time

The greenhouse and gardens are ready and awaiting the next adventure. Each year is different providing new challenges for the Farmer. Last fall brought us exceptionally, warm temperatures causing the white and red potato varieties to sprout five months early—poor things, they thought it was spring and went to work growing as Nature dictates. We will buy new seed for a timely spring planting. The sweet potatoes fared better and the winter squash crop was exceptional. Our family continues to eat from the culls which we did not sell in 2016. They are delicious!


Western North Carolina is still under drought conditions. This is not ideal for our purple asparagus which is a member of the Lilly Family. As always, more crowns were planted to replace those devastated by the continued drought. The beds are prepared and our fingers are crossed. We are eternal optimists.

I understand it is easy to “irritate” and difficult to “influence.” On our website and Blog, I prefer to “educate” in the sense I want to explain what it is we attempt to do on our small, family vegetable farm in eastern Buncombe County. I want to explain how we do what we do, and why we do it. I want to explain the benefits of eating fresh, local vegetables. I want to explain how we prepare them and enjoy the nutrition they provide. We want our CSA Members to take ownership of the bounty of our seasonal harvest and create their own works of culinary art. If you are interesting in expanding your boundaries, perhaps you would like to join our Veggie Lovin’ CSA Family. Now is the time! CSA Shares are available for the 2017 Harvest Season.