Santa’s In Hot Water!

2012-12-20_20-17-05_883Santa brought a new, hybrid, heat pump, hot water heater to our home via Blue Planet Plumbing. This purchase was not a surprise—which is a good thing when one is talking about a hot water heater. Dealing with Blue Planet Plumbing was a truly wonderful experience! We can highly recommend this local, family-owned business.

Robert and I trust everyone is having a Merry Christmas and we wish a prosperous New Year to one and all—with just enough and not too much rainfall.

Winter is not a time for resting on one’s laurels, but rather a time for planning and preparing for the year to come—that is after cleanup has been completed from the previous harvest! Robert is making great progress on the 2016 garden cleanup. I need to finish up in the packing ‘shed’ and greenhouse. It will be February in the blink of an eye and we will be starting seedbeds once again. Farming really is a 365-day a year occupation and not for the faint of heart.