Smoke On The Garden . . .


If you are of a certain age, the song Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple is now running through your head! Robert is outside working it this bad air bringing in the last of the 2016 veggies before tonight’s first hard freeze. The gardens are below that band of white smoke you can see in the photo. I have determined he is not wearing the N95 mask which was laid out for him this morning.

Photos posted on the web site explain how to rake the spaghetti squash out of the shells after roasting. It occurs to me it may be helpful to post a photo of how to more easily cut the round spaghetti squash in half. Here it is belatedly: First take off the stem with a big, heavy knife. This step will provide you with a good, flat balance point for cutting the squash in half.


The CSA Boxes will consist of a variety of winter squashes, potatoes–both the white and the sweet varieties, and green bell peppers. We will have CSA Boxes through the third week in December! Indeed, as we roll toward the Thanksgiving Holiday we have a great many things to be thankful for in our lives–just not the WNC Wildfires!