A Bountiful 2016 Harvest Season

The cold winds finally blew into WNC this weekend. We are ready for a definite season change and some cooler temperatures. We have had enough 80 degree days and the garden clean up will be much more enjoyable now. Robert has started some garden clean up activities; but at the same time, he is also still harvesting sweet potatoes. We have a very nice amount of crops in storage and feel safe in saying that we will have CSA Boxes through the month of December again. I think this makes the fourth year in a row which is quite exciting for us. We love having farm income for as many months as possible!


I snapped a photo of these three little fawns a couple of weeks ago. They are so small and may have a rough time of it this winter. Although, the weather forecast is calling for a dry winter and more mild winter so perhaps that will help them to survive.


I like to place some of the colorful squash by the outside door in the spirit of the harvest season as so many people do this time of year. However, ours keep disappearing! Robert set a trap last week and think we have caught at least one of the thieves. The orange winter squash appears to be his favorite.


Wildlife lovers should not worry. This groundhog is in a Have-A-Heart trap and will be relocated to some of our property far away from our family farm. Robert says we must eat what we kill and I am NOT interested in groundhog stew!

The peppers will no longer be fully colorful as they have been thus far. The CSA Boxes will continue with a variety of winter squashes, potatoes–both the white and the sweet varieties, and green bell peppers. Please continue paying the 2016 CSA Box price and ignore the new price quoted on the web site for the 2017 Season. I did feel I needed to change the web site price because some veggie lovers start searching out their CSA for  next spring during this time of the year.