Lovely Fall Weather, Thus Far

The spaghetti squash winter squash are going to be the most plentiful again this year. I am always trying to find new ways of eating spaghetti. This particular day I topped mine with sauteed peppers and fried eggs. I added a couple of slices of bacon and it was all delicious!


We have a variety of potatoes coming in and they will be making an appearance in your CSA Box: white, Yukon Gold, russet, fingerlings. This season the potatoes are beautiful and we are not seeing as many strange shapes this season as last; however, we did find this one Google-Eyed Duck!


We also have sweet potatoes. There are five different types as illustrated below. They are all sweet potatoes–not yams. Basically, yams have more starch and are drier.  Yams are usually found in South America and have white flesh. Yams are rarely found in the United States. Sweet potatoes can be red, purple, white, or orange and are much higher in beta carotene. If you want to know more, Google or Siri can tell you all about these two veggies.


If you have been to the web site recently, you may have noticed that we are increasing the base price of our CSA Boxes to $50 for the 2017 Harvest Season. We are doing so after much careful consideration. Our last increase in the base price was in 2008. Most all of our production inputs have increased and we feel it is time to raise the price. We have not yet asked about your participation in our CSA for the 2017 Season—we want to finish the 2016 Season before we do that! However, if you have thoughts one way or the other, we are always ready to listen.

Expect to find a variety of winter squash, a variety of potatoes, and colorful sweet bell peppers in your veggie boxes. We will continue with the CSA Boxes as long as we feel we are able to provide a respectable amount of seasonal, root vegetables. We will certainly make it through the entire month of November. We will decide about December when the time comes.